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Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc
Piscine Parc

Pool & Park

Our guest house is located in the heart of a large park where you will find many areas for relaxation. Calm and tranquility are assured around the beautiful natural swimming pool.

Provençal garden

Our house, a large Provençal farmhouse completely renovated, faces a large park of 12'000 m2. Many areas dedicated for relaxation have been created for you, both indoors and outdoors.

Like all the old Provençal houses, all the rooms in the house are facing south. A magnificent hundred-year-old plane tree protects the facade from the sun's burning rays and thus offers a magnificent shaded terrace.

Ecoligical natural pool

The natural basin is composed of two distinct volumes of water: the swimming pool and the regeneration basin. Entirely ecological, this swimming pool is a delight for the eyes in any season.

The first pool is dedicated to relaxation and well-being, both in the water and on the wooden beach. The water runs through a small stream and flows into the second basin by a beautiful waterfall. Totally ecological, our natural pool is guaranteed without chemicals which reduces the risk of allergies.

The water is clear and the bottom is perfectly visible. The bottom and sides of the basin are covered with a solid, smooth tarpaulin. So the floor is perfectly clean as in any other pool. The edges are covered with pebbles and pebbles.

Depending on the brightness, the time and the season, the water may look blue, black or green ... its color is only a reflection of the surrounding landscape! The water is perfectly clean, clear, chemically and biologically pure. We regularly make the water analyzedr by an independent laboratory! But do not forget that this is a natural pool, so like the sea or a lake, there may be some small algae, frogs, dragonflies, etc. This is completely normal.

If you do not like swimming in nature (lake, sea, river), then the natural pool is not for you. In other words, do not expect a sanitized pool. A natural pool, it lives! Are the sensations different? In an ordinary pool, water (chlorinated) dries the skin (not to mention toxic fumes). In a natural pool, the water is gentle on the skin. A real treat !

Shaded terrace

A large terrace extends over the entire southern facade of the house, well sheltered from the mistral and delightfully shaded thanks to the plane tree centenary.

This is where you can have breakfast at your individual table, write your postcards, have a coffee and at the end of the day enjoy a glass of wine with us.

Le Verger

The orchard The orchard is composed of trees of several varieties, randomly planted in the manner of old orchards and left in free growth. We currently have :

Pond and river

No water, pleasure of the senses in any season, the pond and its miniature river complete the natural basin.

The water flows from the swimming pool through a tiny stream, then falls into the pond in a melodious and refreshing sound of waterfall.

It is in this basin that the bathing water is purified thanks to fish (koi carp), aquatic plants and pozzolana which acts as a giant coffee filter.

Once clean, the water is returned by a pump into the swimming pool.

Pétanque ground

Is Petanque National sport ? Regional in any case! So we installed a ground (3m x 15m) west of the park. And a pastis with that?

Lavender and scrubland

Eleven varieties of lavender rub shoulders on a small hill decorated in the style of a scrubland.


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